Claire – your beautiful British companion

How do you convey personality in words?


If your fantasies include a meeting with an independent, sophisticated but fun woman of the world who has experience,  knowledge, humour, and natural charm – then please read on.
Originally from the south of England, I attended a traditional girls’ private school, but was always the saucy, cheeky minx making a noise at the back of the class. Luckily I didn’t have to study too hard and am blessed with quick wit and a lively mind in the body of a naughty blonde wench!!

I’ve travelled to around 40 countries and lived, studied and worked in Australia, France and the US.  America is my spiritual home- a place where eccentricity and entrepreneurship are truly celebrated. A perfect mix for a Psychologist with a passionate side, a woman with upbeat optimism and no cynicism. If you want to laugh and forget the world and romp with a sensual blonde who craves your pleasure I may be your girl!


I have a natural tendency to be introverted and don’t like crowds, but I love to be intoxicated by the charms of certain men with whom I can connect, using wit and humour, intelligence and passion.

It’s with great pleasure that I now use my Psychology background to seduce and induce sensual pleasure. Creating memorable experiences for us both is my mission.

I take pride in my appearance without enhancements or vanity. I’m attractive and vivacious but definitely not high maintenance.  While I may appear reserved on the surface, I’m open minded, fun and passionate behind closed doors.
If you’re intrigued come and find out for yourself.



For a more daily insight into my roving ways, opinions, my grand tour of the great US of A, candid photos and updated tour and availability info, feel free to follow my twitter blog at @clairecavendish

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