About Me


I’m an interesting amalgamation of English private girls school reserve and education, Australian university life and outdoor lifestyle, and a questing solo travellers confidence and curiosity.

I’ve grown from a shy, bookish, introverted child into a mature, relaxed, experienced woman of the world. There’s still something of the introverted about me and this, combined with an education in Psychology, means that meeting new gentlemen and making them feel instantly comfortable is second nature to me.

I’m passionate and sensual and it’s part of my mission to ensure your time with me is memorable enough that you leave with a smug and satisfied smile on your face.


Whilst I prefer a longer booking in order to fully connect with you and create a memorable experience, I understand time can be limited and I will ensure that even a brief interlude together will be a fantastic escape from the stress of life.

Everything you need to know to facilitate a booking with me is on these pages. Feel free to contact me with questions though. I’m very approachable.

To discover a little more about me peruse the What to Expect page where there are links to reviews, or follow me on Twitter @clairecavendish where I expose myself literally and figuratively on a regular basis! But keep reading below for now……


This is a life I love – travelling the world meeting interesting and intelligent gentlemen.  Sharing intimate time with new friends or meeting someone you can develop a deeper connection with over time, is surely the best way to go through life.

Although I’m a Masters degree, fully qualified Psychologist, I return frequently to this world because I love the thrill of the one-on-one and the shared clandestine experience. I am the classic secret lover. I adore the sensual tease and the flirt, soft touches and kisses, affection and pampering, or the full raunchy, can’t get enough of each other experience. I know when to cede control and when to take it – when to be soft, seductive, sweet, or when to be a tigress and turn up the passion.


I’m a sophisticated woman of the world with experience and knowledge, but never cynicism or a jaded outlook – Fun, happy and sexy, with a killer smile that will keep you coming back for more. At 39 I am still young enough to look great, and have fun, but with enough years to truly understand what a real man is looking for. If it’s a thrilling intimate encounter with an affectionate, sexy woman you seek then maybe I’m the one for you.

I love a secure but not arrogant man. One who is comfortable being himself and not intimidated by a woman who knows her mind and body and what she likes to do with it. I’m demure on the surface and not at all beneath. I’m a reserved introvert with a conservative dress style in everyday life but open minded and passionate behind closed doors. Sensual and decadent girlfriend experience is how I’d describe my secret lover experience – sometimes soft affection and sometimes porn star sexiness.


I live a simple, uncomplcated life. I love the ocean and new, exciting encounters. Of course I’m intelligent enough to converse and read widely but our time together is not about my life, unless you want it to be. It’s really about exploring how much pleasure we can have.

Come and find out for yourself.

If you are a man over 40 or even a mature and interesting man under that age, please feel free to contact me and we can see if we might be compatible.

clairecavendish@hotmail.com or fill in my contact form on the etiquette page.





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