Claire – your beautiful British companion


How do you convey personality in words?

If your fantasies include a meeting with an independent, sophisticated woman of the world who has experience and knowledge – but never cynicism – then please read on.
Originally from the south of England I attended school in a traditional girls’ private institution but was the one who questioned everything, including authority, and while I was academically successful I was aware I didn’t fit the mould.
Having fled the restraints of the English class system, I’ve lived, studied and worked in Australia, France and the US and I choose to make the US my home- a place where eccentricity and entrepreneurship are truly celebrated.

As a confident and curious solo traveller, my natural tendency to introversion has relaxed into the desire to be intoxicated by the charms of certain men with whom I can connect using wit and humour, intelligence and passion.
It’s with great pleasure that I now use my Psychology background to seduce and induce sensual pleasure. Creating memorable experiences for us both is my mission.
Wise but lighthearted, I was described by a lover as a shot of strong espresso with a dash of silky, smooth cream and a touch of sugar.
I take pride in my appearance without enhancements or vanity. While I may appear reserved and elegant on the surface, I’m open minded and passionate behind closed doors.
If you’re intrigued come and find out for yourself.


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