8th December

I know it’s not quite the end of the year but I’m winding down on the work front so it sort of is.

I’ve juggled membership of two terrific industries for a long time. Psychology and companionship. I love both for different and similar reasons. Mainly they both involve the intimate discovery of adult humans and their intricate and sometimes baffling brains, thoughts, feelings, emotions, needs and desires. I never tire of hearing peoplesstories and trying to help them make sense of their lives.

This year has been particularly interesting and fulfilling, not least because I’ve done four tours of the USA from Australia and worked to cement my reputation there in the industry – and found a love for a place that I’ve never felt anywhere else.

If a country can be a soulmate then the USA is mine. I am so at home there it makes me sad I’ve spent 20 years living in Australia. In relationship terms Australia is like the nice guy you marry when you’re young and settle down with. It’s comfortable, safe love with someone who won’t spring any surprises on you and is solid and hard working. America though, is the man who sweeps you off your feet, makes your head spin, gives you ear splitting orgasms, gives you flowers and chocolates one day and makes you cry the next. He’s all you can think about and makes you want to dump your sweet, safe husband and run off with a rucksack.

I’ve decided to run off from safe and easy Australia and go to my lover America and see if I can have the adventure I imagine it will be, complete with the risks inherent with working in a country where sex for sale is illegal, where crazies carry guns, where every town is different from the last, where the people are all characters, where the men are generous in heart and wallet, funny, interesting, exciting, polite and call me ma’am.

Can’t wait for 2017!!!



Author: clairecavendish

Psychotherapist, companion, blonde, surfer, Australian, saucy and cute!

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