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About Claire

...the pleasure's all mine.

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Now that you've found me, what can I tell you to intoxicate you and pique your curiosity further?

It’s a challenge to convey personality in words isn’t it?

My name is Claire. It’s my genuine name. It means clear and bright, and it fits.

I’m many things in one small package. I was born in the soft countryside of southern England and educated in the wide open spaces of Australia.  My abiding love is for the sea and ever beckoning horizons: open spaces and tantalizing glimpses of the unknown beyond.

I was academically inclined and always read voraciously, but I also loved being the class clown and making people laugh is still one of my favourite things. Freedom is my mistress and the restrictions of career ladder climbing or domesticity never sat well with my wild spirit, and so I embrace the independent existence of a gentleman’s companion.

My life since has been golden and graced, as I have came to understand that once you make the conscious choice to step out of society’s expectations, and into the fear of living what you dream, much more opens to you than closes from you.

I’m based in Europe and travel the continent renovating property and indulging in a passion for interior design.  I’ve spent recent times exploring forty five states of the great USA and left with rich experiences of its geography, people and cities.

As a confident and ever curious soul, my restless nature has relaxed into the desire to be intoxicated by the charms of certain men with whom I can connect using wit and humour, intelligence and passion. I possess an air of elegance behind which lies a talent for entertaining and a lightening quick intellect.

My life is a glorious magic carpet ride.
A finely groomed and experienced woman, I’m acutely aware of the joy of intimate and sensual connections.  Those who court me are generally suitors who are generous of mind and spirit, as well as financially.  I am naturally selective about who I choose to travel for, and with. Time is precious and limited and while I love luxurious things and surroundings I unashamedly choose to accept only invitations from those whose company I know I will enjoy. I will pamper you, as I’m sure you’ll indulge me, whether that is fine dining, first-class travel, and a suite with a view or a simple lunch in the city. Your patronage also ensures I enjoy the simple side of life, the freedom to paint, explore business and leisure interests, write and dream.

Join me for a journey, or whisk me away on one. There is romance to be found wherever we are.

Passion and worldly sensuality that only a woman who's lived and loved widely can possess.

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